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Pricing and Subscription

Pin iT watches have 3 payment options:

Option 1

Monthly subscription with no upfront fee priced at £12 per month (inclusive of VAT) for 12 months*

Option 2

Upfront fee of £60 inc VAT and then a Monthly Subscription with £6 inc VAT for 12 months*

Option 3

Pay in full for the year £132.00 inc VAT*

After the initial 12-month agreement is completed, a rolling subscription will then start again on the first day of the following year and then monthly thereafter, unless cancelled giving 30 days notice.

 *postage and packaging will be added at £5 plus VAT and covers up to 3 watches

What’s included? 

  • All data required to upload every 60 seconds
  • All texts required to configure the watch
  • 30 minutes of SOS talk time
  • UK based support and help centre
  • Additional software functionality as its released
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