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Pin iT watches were founded by entrepreneur, Lee Watkins. Given his family’s own harrowing experience with child abduction, Lee has become an ambassador for parenting with the help of GPS technology and the benefits of doing so.

Pin iT GPS watches are specifically devised with your children in mind.  Child protection, safeguarding and reassurance are paramount to our watches’ design, with up-to-date software which:

–        Always protects a vulnerable child’s identity
–        Ensures a child’s location is only shared with the designated adult
Pin iT watches serve to pinpoint the exact location of a child, at any given time, and enables responsible adults to communicate with them via a 2-way channel – should the need arise.  In UK trials, our watches were directly responsible for keeping a vulnerable young person from harm.  Our software allowed direct, but discreet, communication between adult and child, ensuring the vulnerable party could be tracked to a safe and secure location.

Our solution is not a mobile phone, but rather serves as a specifically designed security device to deliver freedom with peace of mind.

Each watch is equipped with a built-in call facility to enable the child and designated adult to stay in touch, if ever an emergency arises.

The SIMs we utilise have been specifically selected to enable us to deliver:

  • High level security – meaning no outside threat can hack the watch or redirect your child’s location to their servers.
  • Freedom to roam – the watch may be used whilst on holiday in 32 countries across Europe, without any additional costs.
  • Capped monthly spend – to ensure you know exactly what is going out of the account each month.
  • Additional safety – only numbers stored in the watch are permitted to call the watch – keeping your child safe from undisclosed callers.

Our GPS watches come with a non-network steered roaming SIM card which can be used with every major mobile network across the UK and 32 countries within Europe.

Whereas other providers insist that you use their network, resulting in blind spots and a drop in signal, our watches are optimised to use the strongest signal available – eliminating these issues.

A call to the watch does not affect the minutes included in the monthly subscription, however you will need to speak with your provider about adding any international call packages to your current contract.

Please see the links below for further information:

EE – Click Here

O2 – Click Here

Vodafone – Click Here

Three – Click Here

For any network not listed as above, please contact your provider for more information.

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