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Freedom With Peace Of Mind

The Pin iT GPS smartwatch system, founded and launched by entrepreneur, Lee Watkins,  gives your child the freedom to play outside whilst giving you the peace of mind of knowing where they are at all times, and all for less than 40p per day. 


Pin iT software is designed, built and rigorously tested in-house. This ensures we provide the most advanced tracking device available in the UK.

Safe Locations

Notifications are sent directly to your phone as your child arrives and leaves predetermined locations, such as a family member or friend’s house, or even the child’s school.

SOS Feature

Opens up a 2-way call between responsible adult and child, should either party feel unsafe or unsure.


Enables you to set agreed play areas and receive immediate notification if your child deviates from the boundary.

Add Guardian

Add Guardian

The Add Guardian function allows you to invite other responsible adults into the software. This guarantees that all alerts are sent to the appropriate guardian who is looking after the child at that time.

Removal Alerts

A light sensor on the underside of the watch’s casing will register when the device is taken off and will send an alert – directly and immediately – to your phone.


Battery Alerts

Built-in alerts will notify you when the watch battery gets to 20% and then again when it reaches 10%.This will allow you to call the child and advise them to return home to charge the device.

The battery is designed to last 10-12 hours, so we advise charging like a phone each night.

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