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3 Simple steps to your childs freedom and your peace of mind!

The Pin iT GPS smartwatch system

Children grow up so fast don’t they?

They’re our greatest gift and we want to protect them at all costs. But we also need to give them freedom to experience, make friends, find their identity, and develop skills that will help them through the rest of their life.

We want and need to trust them, but how can we trust everyone else around them when we’re not with them? Pin iT was designed and developed by someone just like you, for children just like yours. A parent who – like all parents – wanting nothing more than to protect their children all the time, and keep them safe, but also understood the importance of letting them be themselves and giving them the responsible they wanted and needed.

For children, Pin iT is a watch, to tell the time and look good on a child’s wrist, in their favourite colour. It won’t help them cheat in exams, or distract them for school work, it isn’t too fancy as to attract unwanted attention like a designer brand band or a smart watch, but with its GPS technology it’s smart enough for you to know where they are and if they’re anywhere they shouldn’t be, so you can let them have their freedom but also be with them, every step of the way.

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Unlike other smart watches and GPS trackers, Pin iT watches have the highest possible IT security standards, including HTTPS protocol using SSL encryption and additional features such as encrypted passwords and channel transmission.

All information is stored on a closed network, meaning, unlike a phone, no outside threat can hack the watch or redirect the location to their servers.

Safe Locations

Push notifications are sent directly to your phone as your child arrives and leaves predetermined safe locations, such as a family member or friend’s house, or even the child’s school.

You may also set up no go zones using the same feature.

SOS Calling

By holding the SOS button down for 5 seconds, it opens up a 2-way call between the responsible adult and child, should either party feel unsafe or unsure.

Geo Fence

Dynamically enables you to set agreed play areas and receive immediate notification if your child deviates from the boundary.

You also receive a notification once they are back within the agreed play area.

Add Guardians

Add Guardian function allows you to invite other responsible adults into the software.

This guarantees that all alerts are sent to the appropriate guardian who is looking after the child at that time.

Watch Off Alerts

A light sensor on the underside of the watch’s casing will register when the device is taken off and will send an alert directly and immediately to your phone.

Low Battery

Built-in alerts will notify you when the watch battery gets to 20% and then again when it reaches 10%. This will allow you to call the child and advise them to return home to charge the device.

The battery is designed to last 8-10 hours depending on your chosen upload time, so we advise charging like a phone each night.

GPS Technology

A GPS lock is shown as a solid circle within a circle on the watch screen. This is the most accurate of positioning technologies.

This is your traditional mobile signal shown as an ascending set of bars detailing mobile signal strength.

Parents and Children both love us!
But don’t take our word for it, see what Parents, Grandparents and Children who use our system have to say...
  • 5
    Very very good
    Am so happy with this watch, my son got lost and now I can see where he is at any time and have two way communication. I had problems get the 2nd watch for his sister but I rang the number and nothing was a problem.. the gentleman walked me through everything fixed what I didn’t understand and explain in. (more…)
  • 5
    Fantastic device, extremely easy to set up and use for either young children or even old age pensioners. We have been using the watch for a while now and have a real peace of mind when our son (aged 6 ¾) is out with us or with others. He is able to quickly call either me or his Mummy ONLY when he needs to. Another great feature is that you can also assign another number to the watch if they go out with family and friend’s so he can call them if they get separated. (more…)
  • 5
    I ordered the PinIt on the recommendation of a friend. My daughter is 7 and although we live in a very safe area, there are times when she goes into one of her friends gardens without my knowledge. Having another daughter who still naps, leaving the house to search for her isn’t always something I can do. The watch gives me the ability to contact my daughter quickly and easily if she doesn’t respond to a quick shout out of the door. (more…)
  • 5
    I have just purchased this product for my 10 year son as a birthday present. Not only did it arrive in a nice box, easy set up instructions but a superb customer service- who at 10pm on a Saturday night help answer some of my queries. My son absolutely loves this, and as he bikes to school I have been able to set up safe locations so that I can be sure he gets there and back. It gives me a peace of mind, as well as giving him the independence they need at this age. (more…)
  • 5
    I LOVE this product! My 7 year old wants to play on our estate with his friends and before I brought this watch I was forever looking out the window. I can now see exactly where he is on the estate via the app and set perimeters so I know when he has gone out a boundary. I can call him and he can call me so no need for him to have a phone (he’s far to young – in my opinion).
  • 5
    As a grandmother looking after her 11 year old grandson after school and in school holidays, I have to say this watch gives me peace of mind knowing that I can let him go out with his friends but at the same time know exactly where he is. It’s hard enough as parents to give your children freedom these days but when it is someone else’s child it is even harder.
  • 5
    A smart stylish watch easy to use very accurate when locating said watch the calls are clear and loud it’s put our minds at rest when we are away with the kids
  • 5
    My son who is 10 yrs has one of these watches, it is an absolute god send, he’s able to go out to play with his friends and i can sent boundaries the watch notifies me if he leaves these boundaries it notifies me if he takes it off or puts it on i like that i am able to contact him and he can contact me if he needs to you get great customer support too i would highly recommend this watch to anyone.
  • 5
    Really Smart product, ideal for keeping a watchful eye over your loved ones!!!
    I have not purchased but my brother has and i use the app when i look after his little one. I looked after him a couple of times a week and find this really useful for when he goes out playing with his friends at the local park, we have used the geofencing function of the product to the park and surround area from our house, it pings a notification on our phone if he leaves that area. (more…)
  • 5
    A Fabulous product
    This was purchased as a birthday present for a 10 year old. So far, it has been brilliant. The app on the smart phone is clear and the GPS is extremely reliable. The two way phone is a great feature, and allows up to 3 numbers to be kept in the phone book at one time. These can be changed or updated via the PC when necessary. (more…)